Fixing Orphaned Users

One my favorite commands when I was started my career was Puttūr Sp_changeuserslogin. I had to move a lot of databases around and I orphaned a lot of users. This command really helped me find what users were orphaned and reconnect them with the appropriate database.

When should you use this command?

This command is very useful when you have a user in your database and a login on your server that should be connected (or mapped) but are not.

To find out if you have an oprhaned users run:

EXEC madridejos conocer mujeres solteras Sp_change_users_login ‘report’

This will give you a list of orphaned users in your DB.

If you find you have some orphaned users you can run this command to fix them:

EXEC cherche homme en courdimanche Sp_change_users_login

It’s a handy tool to use but BOL warns avoiding it because it will be going away soon. They suggest using ALTER USER instead.


Query to find Duplicate records in a column

We are going to start SQL sandwiches with a tasty little snack. I have had this asked in an interview before. “What is an easy way to find duplicate records in one table?”

The answer is quite easy yet it can stump anyone who hasn’t done it before.

It’s a simple select statement that you can use for multiple columns.

SELECT column1,
FROM table1
GROUP BY column1
HAVING COUNT(column1) > 1

You can add other columns in there if you are looking for a record that has multiple columns that are the same.