One Delete at a Time – Powershell Slice

argentona minutos dating A co-worker approached me the other day asking for some help with a 3rd party tool. This tool was some sort of auditing software that kept creating trace files and then doing something else with the data. My co-worker came to me because this tool was sucking up disk space by consistently rolling over 100mb trace files. The tool was supposed to delete theses files based on name, but since they were rolling over too quickly their naming convention was altered.

Normally, they were naming the files something like, “tracefile_1” and then the next should be, “tracefile_2”. Since they were rolling over too quickly they were being named, “tracefile_2-1” and “tracefile_2-2”. The delete job wasn’t setup to eliminate this kind of file. I dug around their code a bit to figure out what it did but instead of going through the whole process of altering and tool, filling out forms, and all that fun stuff, I just wrote a powershell script to delete the oldest file in the folder.

So here is my solution: I set it up to run every hour. It checks the trace file folder and deletes the oldest file one at a time until it reaches under 3gbs.

#put our folder we want to check here
$folder = "c:\temp2"
#now we need to see how big that folder is
$foldersize = (Get-ChildItem $folder | Measure-Object -property length -sum )
#and convert it to GB's
$GBsize = "{0:N2}" -f ($foldersize.sum/ 1GB)
#now, let's check to see if it's over 3 GBs
If ($GBsize -gt 3)
    #if it is, we want to DO the following
        #Let's get the 1st file (sorted by lastwrite time and remove it
        {dir $folder | sort lastwritetime | select -first 1 | remove-item -force
            #now let's recheck the folder size
            $foldersize = (Get-ChildItem $folder | Measure-Object -property length -sum )
            $GBsize = "{0:N2}" -f ($foldersize.sum/ 1GB)
            #print the folder size for testing
        #is the folder less than 3gb? Yes, we are done. No, go back and delete another file
        until ($GBsize -lt 3)
        Write-Host "Deletes Done"
 else {"No deletes Needed"}

Does anyone know a better way to do this?