WTF is the DL on COTS EMR DBs?

portal randkowy badoo uk Well it seems I have missed April and allllllmost May. I had a nice 2.5 month vacation from work but just this week started a new position in Pittsburgh. During my time off I monitored #sqlhelp, read some articles, and tried to keep up with the ever-changing world of databases. I also did a lot of relaxing, played too much skyrim, and traveled quite a bit. The company I started working for is having a conference for their users this week so almost no one is in the office. It gave me a good chance to read through their documentation.

It’s very easy to get lost in documentation when you are new to a company. Especially when most companies these days use lots and lots of acronyms. Luckily, a company acronym dictionary was given to me in my intro packet. It came in handy while reading through documents and meeting with various people. It’s still easy to get lost in conversations involving simple things.

Do you use a lot of acronyms at your company? Do you document them? Love em/Hate em?