Welcome to SQL Sandwiches!


My name is Adam and I am a DBA. Welcome to my kitchen of delicious SQL tips, tricks, and whatever else I can offer you. This blog is for me – to document my experiences with SQL, for you – maybe you can learn my mistakes or view something from a different angle, for the community – the more useful information out there, the better (sometimes), and for Ween – because they are awesome.

Like most DBAs, I didn’t always dream of working in the world of data. One day I was handed a terribly overdue project and was working nights. The next thing I know I am restoring backups, then looking at stored procedures, then the next – I am a certified DBA. Maybe not that fast but you get the idea.

So feel free to leave comments if you find something helpful, if you find mistakes in my work, or just to say Ween is awesome.